Nikki Phoenix Hosts Palomino Club Fundraising Event

Lila Gray

LAS VEGAS — The Palomino Club gentleman’s club is putting on a car show and raffle tomorrow, hosted by adult star Nikki Phoenix, to benefit the local Las Vegas community and its favored charity, The Shade Tree Women's Shelter.  

"We are very conscious of our local community," Palomino Marketing Director Andrew Smith said, "And a big part of that is for us to help wherever and whenever we can. Our favorite charity is The Shade Tree Women's Shelter. It’s something that not only our owner, but also the entire staff are strongly behind.”

The entire proceeds of the raffle and event will directly to benefit The Shade Tree, Smith said.

Also passionate about this particular charity, the event will be hosted by  XBIZ-award nominated crossover star and EDM artist, Nikki Phoenix. Phoenix will be on-hand to give away copies of her EDM single "My Addiction" at the club, as well as live tweeting pictures of the event from her personal account.

"Having been in an abusive relationship myself in the past, helping other battered women is something that I feel very strongly about. It's one of the reason's I was happy to not only participate in this event, but donate as well,” Phoenix said. “I grew tremendously as a person from the experience, and it encouraged me to follow my goals, in both mainstream and adult, and gave me the drive to pursue my EDM music and Aerialist careers as well."

Local businesses that sponsored the event donated prizes for the raffle, including a dinner for two at Oscar's Steakhouse, multiple breakfasts for two from The Original Pancake House, gift certificates from Coffee Tea or Me?, and an eight-person pole party from Vegas Polecats, to name a few

In addition, club owner Adam Gentile has promised to personally match the donations generated by the car show and raffle.

The event is scheduled to be held in the Palomino Club parking lot, Saturday, August 2, from 7-9 p.m.

For more information about the event, contact Smith at 702-327-7258 or, or visit

To make a contribution to the charity, visit

Established in 1969, Palomino Club is the only gentleman’s club in Las Vegas that serves alcohol while showcasing totally nude dancers.