Q&A: Dr. Ava Cadell Discusses Sexpert.com Launch

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES – Sexpert, author and love guru Dr. Ava Cadell is gearing up to launch Sexpert.com, a media platform featuring “erotically empowering” content.

“Education is only part of what makes it empowering,” Cadell says of the site, which is set to debut this month. “It’s how you present [content.]”

Cadell told XBIZ that she and her team of sexperts are preparing a broad range of content, ranging from advice columns and videos to interactive content, on a variety of sexual taboos to empower visitors’ sexual exploration.

According to Cadell, Sexpert.com will be a departure from her Loveology University, which takes a softer approach to sex education, with edgier adult content.

In this exclusive Q&A with XBIZ, Cadell discusses what visitors can expect from Sexpert.com – a domain she’s owned for 20 years.

What is Sexpert.com?

Sexpert.com is for sexy, smart, sex-positive people that want real sex, straight up with a touch of eroticism. There are no limits, no judgment and no apologies. Just as an example – among our original videos is a weekly naked yoga series.

Will a subscription be required to access Sexpert.com content?

No subscription will be required. I want people to learn and be empowered. As a sexpert, I want to give people information that could help them get over their shame or guilt to really experience the best sex of their life, so I’m giving out a lot of free content. I think it’s good for building sexual confidence and it’s something you could do with your partner.

However, Sexpert.com will feature some paid content, such as games. I’m investing a lot of money, along with the support of advertisers, for interactive games and erotic novels that are expensive to produce. Some of my concepts include 3D models of the G-Spot and P-Spot. I’m even looking into Oculus Rift virtual reality; I don’t think it’s been used for discovering internal erogenous zones.

How does Sexpert.com complement your Loveology University?

Sexpert.com will be a lot edgier than Loveology. I don’t think there’s anything out there like it ­– it’s edgy and empowering at the same time. Some of the content currently out there can be edgy but too porny – and I have no problem with that – porn is great. But I think there’s a way of creating it and promoting it where people really do feel empowered by it.

Is education what makes Sexpert.com’s content empowering?

Education is only part of what makes it empowering – it’s how you present it. For example, masturbation – the way I present it is that masturbation can actually make you smarter. I’ll tell you how – it helps you grow brain cells when you [for example] change hands or masturbate in a different area of the house than you normally do. It creates new pathways. Swinging can help improve relationships by opening them up to new experiences. I’m taking every sexual taboo and presenting it in a very positive light. I want people to learn how powerful sex is.

Who is Sexpert.com’s target audience?

Everyone – men, women, gay, straight. I’m also a huge advocate of sex for the disabled. I have amazing content on the topic, including a video of a man – his name is Asta Philpot – that was born with major physical disabilities but he’s the nicest, coolest, sexiest man. I also have a video with a woman that’s a dear friend of mine who’s disabled and in a wheelchair after being hit by a drunk driver. She too is one of the sexiest women I’ve ever met, and she talks about how she achieves orgasms and how she has sex. It’s all about empowerment. Sex is our second basic instinct after survival, and if you try to take away that instinct, then bad things happen.

What inspired you to launch Sexpert.com?

I’m always reinventing myself and well, I’ve had the domain Sexpert.com for 20 years! And I just felt like the time was right to launch it. I think the catalyst was this big company [that I’m not sure I can reveal just yet] that I recently partnered with. It will be a great platform for doing cross-promotion.

What’s Romance Awareness Month?

I think August’s Romance Awareness Month is really great. With the world being in such turmoil these days, I think it’s important for people to think about Armageddon love, and really make romance and love a priority because you just never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. As part of Romance Awareness Month, we’re going to be promoting something every day, including excerpts from my bestselling books. Every day we’re going to be promoting love whether it’s between a couple or self love – everything to make August the sexiest month.

How can companies get involved with Sexpert.com?

I’m definitely looking for advertisers. We won’t just be doing the typical banner ads; I want to partner with companies for Sexpert.com videos. I welcome any companies to contact me and we’ll create some really amazing, hopefully viral, video advertising.

For more information, email Cadell at drava@avacadell.com.