Mens Mag Daily Interviews Cali Carter

VENICE, Calif. — Starlet Cali Carter dished about her start in porn in Mens Mag Daily, the performer announced.

“I had no social life, I could barely sleep, and I could barely do anything,” Carter said. “My boyfriend at the time recommended that I do porn. He thought I would do well. I told him I wasn’t going to do it. I was thinking about it for three or four months and January rolled around so I figured new year, new start.”

Cali noted that since then she's worked with top companies and appears in "Young Panty Ho’s 3" (3rd Degree) and "Big Dick Gloryholes 12" (Lethal Hardcore).

Cali also talked about how different the industry is than she expected, how her family accepted her decision and her plans for the future.

“I’m different from like nine out of the 10 girls you might see in porn,” she said. “I’m always interested in the other girls’ stories and some of them came from a bad background, or were strippers, or models and they somehow just got into it. I don’t want to say they were pinned up against it but it seems like it was more connected to their past whereas I completely branched off from what I was doing. I would say I’m completely different.”