Jodi Taylor Appears in 'Naughty Bookworms'

VENICE, Calif. —  Starlet Jodi Taylor anounced her appearance in “Naughty Bookworms."

"I did that I think it was my first month in the business and it was my first time working with Alec Knight,” Taylor recalled. “Whom I now love, good memories and now it's coming out on DVD."

The performer also shot a scene for 'Lesbian Babysitters' (Sweetheart Films) with Melissa Monet directing, along with Dana DeArmond.

“I finally got to work with Dana. My God,” Taylor said. “That is one fabulous woman, she's amazing at sex. I won't give too much away, but she did fuck my pussy with her foot. I've never experienced that before, it was epic."

She added, "Before the scene she tweeted me that she was going to fuck my freckles off and that's exactly what she did, she fucked me silly. That scene is going to stick out in my mind for eternity. Even if I die and am reincarnated I'm still going to remember that Dana girl that fucked my freckles off."