Net1on1 Now Distributing Mr. Nori’s Magic Gel

Ariana Rodriguez

ST. ALBANS, U.K. — Mr Nori’s Magic Gel is now in stock at Net 1on1 Wholesale.

According to the distributor, visitors of this year’s ETO Show in Birmingham, U.K. were treated to a flowing fountain of the Magic Gel on the Net 1on1 stand, complete with an informative video which captured imaginations.

Bringing a slice of Asian culture to the U.K., Tony Gonzalez, managing director, said he saw an opportunity to bring the popular Nuru Massage craze to the shores of Great Britain and Europe.

“Nuru Massage is a full body-body sensual massage that is usually performed between two, nude people with a unique type of massage gel, often called nuru massage gel, nuru nuru or simply nuru gel,” Gonzalez said. “They can use the gel to massage and slide against each other, which creates a sensual feeling. The word nuru orgininates from the Japanese language, which means ‘slippery.’

“I’ve seen how popular Nuru massage has become overseas and really do think there is a place for it here, we just need to be the ones to explore the adult pleasure product market as a whole rather than limiting ourselves to where our competitors look. Essentially, we want to have a wide and varied catalogue of products on offer to our customers and I feel that the addition of Mr Nori’s Magic Gel helps to add that variety we’re looking for.”

Net 1on1 will be stocking: Magic Gel Moist, Authentic, Concentrate, Nuru Matress and Nuru Bowl.

Claire Jacques, Sales Manager adds, “The Magic Gel comes in 3 forms, Authentic, Moist and Concentrate. The Authentic can be used straight out of the bottle for shower/bath play or can be mixed in the Nuri Bowl with water for massage. The Moist has the same consistency but includes moisturising ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Soothing Chamomile. And the Concentrate is a versatile, thick gel which lasts far longer than the other versions and can be used for shower play or even shaving! We even stock the Premium Nuru Air Matress which can be used for massage and play with the Nori Gel.”