Mia Isabella Issues Rebuttal to Wall Street Journal Article

Stephen Yagielowicz

NEW YORK — TS star Mia Isabella has penned a response to a controversial Wall Street Journal article on gender reassignment written by Dr. Paul McHugh.

“Referring to true identified transgender individuals as ‘confused’ or ‘under the wrong assumption of their core selves’ is a blatant showcase of how so many look at the [transgender] community as less than human beings,” writes Isabella in her impassioned rebuttal. “For those who are living their adult lives boldly enough to be who they are, knowing the backlash and limitations they must fight through every day based on … physical appearance … clearly betraying the affected person’s sense of self, confidence, and inner emotional struggles … surgery in various forms can absolutely have positive life changing effects, where it concerns something as simple as depression and as complex as body dysmorphic disorder.”

Isabella’s rebuttal was published on Eros.com.

Isabella, who is currently working on her memoir, gives credit to her mentor, Dr. Kaleita, for help with her own personal transition. Kaleita is Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences and a Psychiatry Researcher in the Department of Neurology at UCLA.

“My friend and mentor, Dr. Kaleita, had a great impact in my development when it came to education,” Isabella confides. “We attended many medical galas, functions, and philanthropy trips to broaden my views on the world, regarding issues he passionately believed in.”

“He didn’t feel medical advancements concerning hormone therapy and surgical operations regarding sexual reassignment had reached a pinnacle of success a decade ago,” Isabella added. “He absolutely believed that true transgender individuals did, in fact, contain core essentials chemically and hormonally found in the opposite sex or identified gender, and conservative surgical changes after puberty where necessary to transition socially into adulthood.”

For more information, visit www.mia-isabella.com, or her YouTube video bog.