POPPORN Offering Special Discounts, Contest

PHILADELPHIA — POPPORN.com is offering customers a one-time opportunity to take an extra 15 percent off any order by entering the sale code “FUCKYOUPOPPORN” during the checkout process now through Aug. 3.

“Believe it or not, we’ve come across a few totally unreasonable people over the course of our existence that don’t enjoy our unique brand of humor,” said Cody Short, content marketing manager.

He added, “So not only are we giving them the go-ahead to publicly lambaste us with whatever deep-seated hatred they can come up with, we’re actually going to reward them for it. Go ahead and give us the metaphorical middle finger. We’ll not only respect you all the more for your courage, but we’ll discount your pornography while we’re at it.”

In addition to the discount code, POPPORN is offering a case of adult DVDs to the best personal attack hurled via Twitter during the course of the promotion. Tweet photos, videos or plain old verbal insults; everything is fair game. The most offensive attacks will be published on Blog.Popporn.com and the best entry will earn the tweeter 30 free porn movies.

Short added, “Really, don’t hold back. Tell us to fuck off, tell us to eat shit, paint a picture of a steaming pile of shit with an arrow next to it that says ‘This is you, POPPORN’…there’s really no limit. We want you to get creative with your assaults. We know we deserve it.”