Beamonstar Reports 'Nyagra' Female Supplement Success

Bob Johnson

PHOENIX — Beamonstar Products announced that it is experiencing success with it "Nyagra" female sex-enhancing supplement.

Nyagra was launched earlier this month at the ANME Founders Show in Burbank and was met with excited reactions from distributors and retailers alike.

The company said that based on its XploZion pill formula that offers bigger and more powerful ejaculations for men, Nyagra promises similar results for women. The active ingredients in XploZion boost the body systems that contribute to male orgasms. Similarly, Nyagra will heighten a woman’s sexual experience “to the point of explosion.”

The supplement also assists in making it easier for the average woman to have a female ejaculation that the company said is something that the majority of women never experience. Nyagra improves blood flow to the clitoris and G-spot to increase sensitivity and arouse more powerful orgasms. It acts as an all-natural libido-boosting enhancer made for women. A single pill taken 45 minutes to one hour before sexual activity gives women enhanced desire, energy and pleasure that will continue for several hours.

Beamonstar noted that the pills are gentle on the stomach and are easy to swallow. Benefits can start up to one hour before sexual activity, however consistent daily use is important for long-term sexual enhancement benefits.

"We are thrilled to see the response and testimonials we have received since we launched Nyagra just a few weeks ago," Beamonstar CEO Jeff Bolanos said.

He added, "In this market when it comes to male enhancement supplements the market is very saturated and there are a lot of different options and brands; however, a quality female supplement is very difficult to find. We passed out a number of samples of Nyagra at the ANME show to female customers who came by the booth and by the time we got back to the office our inbox was filled with orders from women who had tried the product and loved it. We are confident that Nyagra will become the gold standard when it comes to female sexual supplements."

The supplement is currently available in a 20-capsule bottle. A six-count, and 60-count bottle will be relesed in early September.

Nyagra comes with retail displays, shelf talkers, and product education tools.

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