Paul Raymond Launches Digital Magazine Newsstand

Bob Johnson

LONDON — British men’s sophisticate publisher Paul Raymond announced today the launch of its adult digital newsstand.

The publisher said it worked with Electric Magazines to bring the bespoke reader and platform to market, which delivers the most secure method possible to take advantage of the still burgeoning mobile and digital magazine market.

“This partnership has another benefit in that even more rich media can be inserted into the magazines, which means readers can now see video, expanded photo content, and even interactive adverts and competitions,” said Paul Matthews, head of digital at Paul Raymond.

He added, “This is of course in addition to regular hyperlinked content that one would expect in this format.” 

The company’s website explains that the magazines are in a special PDF format only accessible through its e-reader. Once a magazine is purchased, and the user downloads the free software, the issue can be viewed even offline. Subscribers receive the publication a week before its official release.

All of the magazines are compatible with all popular mobile devices and computers.

Only Paul Raymond publications are currently available on the platform. However, Matthews told XBIZ that they are open to other softcore magazine publishers being listed on the site, but because it’s now heavily discounting with promotions and discount codes in the initial stages, it’s holding off on the option of adding other publishers until the site is better established.

The newsstand is now live and offering a free magazine download, in order to experience a digital magazine. There is also a Facebook page that will regularly list discount codes.

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