Nalpac Now Offering Rascal Toys Pornstar Molds

Ariana Rodriguez

FERNDALE, Mich. ­­­– Distributor Nalpac now offers the Rascal Toys line of gay male-oriented products, including molds of porn actors, inspired by stars of Rascal videos.

Launched in 2005 by personality Chi Chi LaRue, the company’s adult toys come in “robust sizes and bold packaging,” the company said.

Once licensed to another manufacturer, Rascal Toys products are now produced in-house. This includes the Super Star Cocks line of dongs made of molds from such gay pornstars as Johnny Hazzard, Cameron Marshall, Mike DeMarko and Mitchell Rock. Other Rascal Toys now offered by Nalpac include cock rings, butt plugs and anal toys. The products are either silicone or "Fleshphalix," which is nontoxic, odorless and PVC free.

"Although the Super Star Cocks are targeted to gay men, the surprising thing is how many women also love the realistic cocks of our models," LaRue said. "We have always had overall positive feedback from consumers and retailers alike. Our brand is trusted after years of a great track record."

Nalpac vice president of operations Glenn LeBoeuf said he anticipates a great reception to the Rascal Toys lines. "This brand is so bold and feature-filled that both our retailers and their customers are certain to be attracted to these products. The realistic molds of well-known stars makes them instantly recognizable and desirable."

For more information about Nalpac’s almost 20,000 items, or to place an order, visit, contact a Nalpac account manager toll free at (800) 837-5946, fax an order to (248) 544-9126 or email