CuriousCash Celebrates 15 Years

Stephen Yagielowicz

BRISBANE, Australia — Boasting “15 years of Curious Success,” has announced its celebration of this milestone anniversary with a special discount offer on

CuriousCash, previously known as BoyBucks, got its start back in 1999 — a time when Google and the now-faded MySpace were getting their start; when Bill Clinton was still the U.S. President (and embroiled in his affair with Monica Lewinski); most folks were on a dial-up Internet connection; and Netscape was the browser of choice for many users.

The program allows affiliate webmasters to promote the site’s exclusive models, with transparent, third party stats provided via MPA3.

Evolving its affiliate program to meet the needs of a changing marketplace, CuriousCash trimmed its portfolio from 36 sites down to a handful of targeted sites, including flagship, a Cybersocket Award-winning site which reportedly features around 700 exclusive models; and sites such as and

“It’s been a wild but never boring ride,” Tim Hamilton, a.k.a. Resolute, the group’s CEO and founder confides, noting that the experience has been a character-building exercise. “In the past 15 years in the industry I have witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly of human emotions, behaviour and rampant egos.”

“Passion and egos [are] a very potent combination, which plays out, either negatively or positively,” Hamilton adds, explaining that his maturity and business sense has helped the company to achieve this anniversary. “I am a bit more conservative and just try to run a business like just another business and not have all the negatives that come from the ... slash and burn model. The road I choose to go down fortunately continued. It may have been more boring and not as much fun but it survived and prospered.”

Hamilton reminisces about some of the highlights of this journey, including the positive impact that former affiliate manager “CuriousToyBoy,” Lindsay, had on the company’s success, as well as some of the less than bright spots along the way, such as the gruelling flights from Brisbane to the U.S. for various trade events.

“[It is] 23 hours travel time to Florida, and as I get older it seems to be more and more unbearable,” Hamilton says. “I looked at my passports recently and I have now done 87 return trips to the U.S.”

Hamilton laments how the widespread availability of free porn and other factors has driven many of his friends and competitors out of business, or have sold out to larger, straight-owned corporations.

“When everything started to hit the fan about three years ago, many of our competitors panicked, as they were highly geared and had large overheads ... so they lowered their membership levels,” Hamilton says. “This proved to be suicide as their competitors did the same, and it was a race to the bottom and financial oblivion.”

“We decided not to play this game and kept our levels where they were economical viable,” he adds. “Some said they were too high, but I figured as we had great premium exclusive content, I wasn’t going to prostitute it, giving it away for next to nothing. This proved to work for us and continues to [work to] this day.”

CuriousCash produces its own content, shot on location in Australia by Surfside Studios.

“We shoot niche content [of] straight boys doing gay things,” Hamilton explains. “This is something as a gay boy I have always had a fascination with — male sexuality.”

Hamilton grew up on an isolated family farm in far south western New South Wales and attended boarding school in Sydney, allowing him a double life: one in the city while at school, and another, when back home for school holidays to his other world in the country.

“I have always wanted ‘All Australian Boys’ to be a bridge reaching out to isolated guys in the bush and even in the city, like I once was,” Hamilton says. “To make them feel more inclusive and just as worthwhile as anyone else. To rejoice in their sexuality and to have a good self-image.”

“I hope I have achieved this to some degree, through my photography, with the support of our members,” he adds. “This is one of my primary driving and motivational pillars to this day.”

As for the future, Hamilton hopes that CuriousCash will go on forever, one way or another.

“I am turning 60 this year [and] I am not sure how much longer I want to do this,” Hamilton confides. “I would like to hang up my cameras, lube and glory holes and opt for a less stressful lifestyle, if the right offer came along.”

To celebrate its 15th birthday, from August 25 until September 4, CuriousCash is offering a discount of up to 70 percent on memberships to Visit the site for more information on the offer.