Sex Z’s Bo Kenney Offers Legal Aid for Retailers

Michael Hayes
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Sex Z Pictures Owner Bo Kenney has said he will handle the legal costs for any retailer who faces obscenity charges for selling his latest film “Corruption.”

“We strongly stand behind every store, distributor or website that sells our movie ‘Corruption,’” Kenney said. “We pledge that in the unlikely event that there is ever any type of legal indictment on the local, state or the federal level brought forth against any company selling this movie, we will be there from the beginning to the end providing the legal expertise of Paul Cambria and the money required to defend any potential prosecution to those companies who exercise their right to sell ‘Corruption.’”

Jeff Mullen of All Media Play, the PR firm for Sex Z Pictures, told XBIZ that Kenney made the offer to quell rumors that some retailers were concerned over possible obscenity charges arising from the sale of the DVD.

“There are rumors going around,” Mullen said. “We haven’t been in contact with any retailers directly, but no one should fear the possibility of criminal charges.”

Although Mullen was not sure what was fueling fears of obscenity prosecutions, he speculated that some fisting scenes might have raised a red flag.

Fisting appears on “The Cambria List,” which the attorney drafted after the 2000 elections. Items on the list, which include sex acts such as bukkake, heavy bondage and squirting, to name a few, are subjects that Cambria has advised the adult entertainment industry to avoid in an effort to minimize the risk of prosecution.

Kenney told XBIZ Cambria is on retainer for Sex Z, but he does not anticipate any legal problems for retailers.

One alternative, according to Mullen, is the release of a softer version of the film, set to hit stores Dec. 4. Sex Z also plans to release a director’s cut of the film in January, as well as an R-rated version.

Cambria was not available for comment at time of publication.