Adult Stars Sara Jay, Siri Promise BJs if Germany Wins World Cup

CYBERSPACE— Adult Stars Sara Jay and Siri are promising to give oral sex to their Twitter followers if Germany beats Argentina in the World Cup FInals on July 13.

"I am going to be on the edge of my seat on Sunday. I am really hoping Germany wins. I don't want my fans to be disappointed" Sara Jay said.

Siri added, "I am still scheduled to do a live show on Sunday at my Official Site, right after the World Cup Finals. If Germany wins, it's going to be wild. Go Deutschland."

To qualify for a BJ, fans must be followers of both Siri and Sara Jay on Twitter before gametime. Details on how to collect the BJs will be posted two days after the Finals.

The video of Sara Jay's and Siri's promise can be seen on YouTube.