Lisa Ann Makes Her Debut for Dogfart With Interracial Anal Scene

LOS ANGELES — Dogfart has announced that MILF sensation Lisa Ann is now streaming on its flagship site,

"We have been chasing Lisa Ann for years," a Dogfart spokesman said. "In our eyes she is the benchmark for interracial and one of the most iconic performers of this generation. After all these years, she is still the number one in-demand performer and we felt that our network wasn't living up to our customers expectations without having some Lisa Ann content. We are thrilled to announce that the wait is finally over."

According to the site's synopsis, "Lisa Ann owns a company with her husband (who's conveniently out of town).She’s long had eye on Isiah, a young black employee, who  recently turned 18. A casual meeting in her office quickly escalates into sexual harassment and the possibility of divorce if her man ever found out. Then again, Isiah is about to have major bragging rights and be the envy of all his friends."

Ann’s display of heavy flirtation is too much for Isiah to resist — he begins to worship her feet right before she sucks and fucks him (in both holes).

Isiah Maxwell commented on the scene "Billy and D at Dogfart have been a tremendous support system for me while I grow as a performer, and they have truly blessed my career by giving me the opportunity to work with a legend like Lisa Ann. I was in love with the way she carried herself and how comfortable she made me feel as a new performer in a high stakes scene like that. It was very humbling, yet gave me the confidence to put out a great performance and oh man, was she absolutely amazing. I couldn't have been happier."

The scene is now live on