Jodi Taylor Interviewed by XCritic

VENICE, Calif. — Jodi Taylor was recently interviewed by XCritic’s Rob Perez, who digs deeply into the starlet’s psyche, getting the scoop on new movies and motives, favorite directors, things she won’t do on camera, and her famous bush. released her sixteenth scene for the company, shot for the “Hardcore Gangbang” site, entitled “Sweet Server gets served up a Humiliating Interracial Gangbang,” directed by Princess Donna.

“Princess Donna is like a deviant little fairy,” Jodi said. “You just tell her your darkest fantasies and she makes them come true! It’s like Cinderella except with gangbangs. That’s all ‘Hardcore Gangbangs’ is: Porn girls’ own personal gangbang fantasies.”

“Princess Donna asks us to design our own scenarios so we can have everything exactly the way we’d really want it,” Jodi added. “It’s always an incredible experience.”

She also reveals why she is pro bush.

“For me personally, I have a bush now just because it’s much easier than having to worry about waxing it and maintaining it all the time,” Jodi told XCritic. “I actually kind of like the bald look too with girls.” 

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