Bonnie Rotten Appearing at ANME

VENICE, Calif.  — This weekend Pipedream will unveil its Be Rotten toy collection at the ANME show in Burbank and Bonnie Rotten herself (the line’s muse) will be on hand to celebrate.

In a full-page article in the July issue of XBIZ Premiere, which features Rotten on the cover, Alex Glass sat down with the Pipedream “dream team” to discuss the new Be Rotten product line — everything from why they chose Rotten, what the line will include, and what the super starlet’s involvement was in the new line.

“We met Bonnie on set during one of her award-winning performances and we’ve been in love with her ever since,” they told XBIZ. “Never before has a beauty-next-door captivated us the way Bonnie did. Her style was mesmerizing, her personality was magnetic, her smile was intoxicating, and her sex drive was insatiable! Once she was visiting Pipedream’s headquarters, she was astounded by our facilities and knew she could trust us to create the most unique, most realistic, and ‘most rotten’ collection available.”

The line will include dolls, masturbators and other toys, including several items molded directly from Rotten’s body.

“Bonnie was extremely involved,” the team continued. “Not only did we discuss her own favorite toys and specialties, but we molded her actual body to create the most realistic experience you’ll ever get next to the real thing.”

Rotten will be on hand at ANME this Saturday and Sunday. The show will be held at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport, 2500 Hollywood Way, Burbank, California 91505.

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