'Simply Sxy' Magazine Interviews TS Star Venus Lux

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult performer Venus Lux shared some seductive sex tips for having sex with a transsexual with Simply Sxy Magazine.

Lux offers up tips including what to do to best prepare for a fun, intense night, and what not to do to ensure a great time. She advised to be careful with hair extensions and showing proper sexual courtesy.

"This is the time to enjoy yourself and to lose yourself in 'the moment,'" Lux said. "Be playful and try some new things. Be warned after the first time, you are just going to want more."

The full article can be read here.

Fans can let Lux know what they think of her article, and sound off about whether or not they would like to see her host her own podcast or radio show by emailing fans@venus-lux.com.