Changes Join Options

OAKLAND, Calif. — Intersec Interactive announced that it is changing its join options on from the traditional “stream and download” model, to a tiered model for new customers.

The company said the standard join option is now for streaming only and is less expensive than the other options. This option only allows viewers to watch the video via their Internet connection.

There is also a stream and download option that allows customers to both view online, as well as download for their own collection.

The operators said the site still offers its special platinum membership that gives viewers both stream and download access to both and the company’s live bondage site,

Customers who joined with the original options retain their stream and download status. The change will only apply to new customers.

“We are happy to give the budget minded customers several options for their memberships. Most companies only offer one choice for a one month membership, we offer three distinct price points,” site director Matt Williams said.

According to systems director, Daniel Intraub, the company also plans plan to roll out similar options on the company’s four other sites;,, and

Affiliates who wish to promote the new join options can visit