GreatFap Improves Facial Matching

Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — Calling itself “the fappiest place on earth,” one of the newest porn sites to hit the Internet,, is seeking to stand out from the crowd, by offering a next-generation facial matching system.

According to GreatFap’s Justin Zablocki, the Face Match system is one of the most innovative technologies available to the adult entertainment industry.

The tool allows users to search for porn star “lookalikes” to their favorite friend, celebrity or other person.

“We use computer vision software to identify various aspects of the person in the image and then compare that to our database of more than one thousand images,” Zablocki told XBIZ. “Face Match returns a percentage based on how likely the people are the same and [returns] that result to the user.”

“This is a totally free service,” Zablocki adds. “We only ask that you simply view the term of use before using [GreatFap’s Face Match].” also offers other features that help it to stand out among its competitors.

“We have a multi-tagging system for our media and a separate one for the stars themselves,” Zablocki explains. “All of our content is curated and generally speaking of better quality [than our competitors].”

The site is free to use and in addition to Face Match, provides a collection of photos (including animated GIF images), videos, casual dating, live cam shows and more.

In order to expand its offerings, GreatFap is actively seeking investors.

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