JuicyAds Upgrades Mobile Filters, Targeting Technology

John Sanford

MONTREAL — JuicyAds reported Tuesday that it is making upgrades in its mobile filters and targeting technology in an effort to expand access for advertisers and maximize ROI for publishers.

During the last few months the mobile traffic being served through JuicyAds has significantly increased in quality, with further upgrades and changes being made in the coming months to expand growth even further, the company said.

"Increasing our mobile quality and revenues is good news, and the even better news is that publishers monetizing their mobile traffic with JuicyAds are now seeing a rise in their own income thanks to new improvements in our network, including important new targeting tools like device, OS, WiFi, and niche targeting," said JuicyJay, founder and CEO of JuicyAds.com. "It's one thing to have earnings grow based on acquiring a larger network, what makes these stats pop is the fact that this is an increase on revenues of our existing inventory. We believe strongly in taking the best care of the clients we already have, rather than blindly focusing on growth. The proof is in the paycheck and nothing shows it better than webmasters cashing checks that are larger from their existing traffic. For us, it's always about building a better ad network, not just a bigger one."

JuicyAds is a self-service traffic brokerage platform specializing in banner ads, mobile, and pop-unders. They connect publishers of quality adult sites with advertisers who may purchase traffic spots on their sites by using a simple bidding system. That guarantees the best price for each website owner and traffic buyer in every transaction.

"We have built a strong reputation as The Sexy Advertising Network with thousands of publishers and ad buyers by providing quality traffic from trustworthy sources to buyers who always pay on time," said JuicyJay. "What really sets us apart is the strength of our reps and the way they work with our clients to provide the best results. In the mobile arena, we are finding a lot of opportunities to help people spend less and earn more. I believe that expertise is what accounts for most of our recent growth and our long term success."

To buy or sell mobile traffic for adult products and services right now, visit JuicyAds.com.