Tanya Tate Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Vinyl Figurine Line

Lila Gray

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult star, geek blogger and prolific cosplayer Tanya Tate launched an Indiegogo campaign to complete production on her My Hero Toys customizable vinyl figure platform.

Tate's My Hero Toys vinyl figure is designed to be customizable by the user to create various characters, established or new.

According to Tate, the notion of the customizable model has become a popular hobby amongst figurine vinyl enthusiasts, corroborated by coverage on mainstream platforms. Tate saw the need for a heroic female platform and began designing it over a year ago. Now, as the My Hero Toys line goes into the final phase of production, she is looking to crowdfunding to complete the process.

“I saw that there wasn't an already established strong female blank form, so I created one,” Tate stated. “It has been a long and exciting journey to produce this figure, and I’m very close to completion. I look forward to having these in hand soon with the help of my supporters.”

Funders taking part in the campaign can earn perks that range from the My Hero Toys figures themselves, exclusive figures, signed memorabilia and even resin prototypes.

To aid in Tate’s funding quest, she has posted a YouTube video that explains what inspired her to create the line of figures and what creative individuals can do with them.

She explains in the clip, “I like superheroes and I like collecting vinyl figures. As a collector, I am fascinated by fun, stylized vinyl figures. I’ve seen popular customizable vinyl figures in different sizes and shapes, but none that really worked for the sexy superheroes I see in comics, like my favorites — Miss Marvel, Wonder Woman, Emma Frost and Susan Strong.”

Cosplayers, collectors and those interested in the craft can use paint, markers and sharpies to mimic existing female heroes or create entirely new ones. Tate also notes that cosplayers can use the figurines, which come in four different colors, to design and model costumes.

Part of Tate’s marketing campaign strategy is to create awareness via social media. With her Facebook likes at nearly 400,000 and her Twitter followers surpassing 300,000, she believes the potential to reach her goal is within her grasp.

The campaign has 28 days left to raise Tate's desired sum of $20,000.