Smash Pictures Teases Release of 'Owner Gets Clipped'

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — In anticipation of this summer’s most pertinent porn spoof, Smash Pictures has released a hardcore trailer for “Owner Gets Clipped,” its parody chronicling the Donald Sterling parody with creative XXX additions.

Kyle Stone leads the cast as the ever-befuddled Clickers owner Dick Sperming, whose racism extends from brown M&Ms to African American basketball players who have been playing with his ethnic girlfriend “V” (Yasmine de Leon) off the court.

When V offers to be Sperming’s special friend, he scarfs down his arsenal of Viagra and plunges in, despite her ambiguous ethnicity. But after the deed, Sperming insists that V separate her romps with him from those with “thugs” like basketball legend “Black Magic” (Mark Anthony).  

“I don’t want you taking pictures with black people — or any other color people,” Sperming tells her.

When the sh*t hits the fan, and V releases the recording of Sperming going off on a racist rant, the media lashes back against the deposed Clickers owner. And V, well, goes rollerskating between interviews with TV personalities like “Barabara Waba,” (Rebecca Bardoux) who asks her if she has intimate relations with Dick.

“I’ve had lots of Dicks,” V replies — to Waba’s horror. “Just this morning, I’ve had four.”

The plot thickens when Sperming’s wife (Nina Hartley) starts meddling, with the sale of the Clickers, and with V and a hung basketball player. Meanwhile, ethnic performer Harley Dean shows up to soothe Sperming emotionally and physically.

 “Our Twitter fans and fans on AdultDVDTalk are responding with a thumbs up on this trailer,” Smash Pictures’ Stuart Wall told XBIZ. “Mark Anthony plays a perfect Magic Johnson and Rebecca Bardoux has Barbara Walters down to a science.”

“Owner Gets Clipped” is slated to release on DVD June 26. Check out the trailer here.

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