New Media Services Offers Clients Refund Payments Service

Stephen Yagielowicz

VICTORIA, Australia — Customer support and web development firm New Media Services, has announced that it now supports five methods for issuing multi-currency refunds to end users, via its Refund Payments program.

New Media Services provides clients with end user support services and cloud-based platforms that are customizable to fit any web or mobile campaign’s needs.

Refund Payments currently offers check issuance, electronic payment, bank wire transfer, PayPal transfer and credit card chargebacks. The options help the efficiency of return payment processing of funds to end users. This assures that the fastest, most convenient method of settling refunds is used.

“We find ways and means to make all refund processes convenient to our clients’ end users,” says Martin Eyking, New Media Services’ CEO. “All our service developments serve both the interest of our clients and end users.”

Refunds can now be in any currency chosen by the client. Thus, currency conversion is no longer a major concern when end users from different countries qualify for a refund.

“The goal of the NMS Refund Payments solution is to allow clients to provide their end users with the best options for return payments,” Eyking added. “To encash their refund checks via a bank, get their money through PayPal, through credit card chargeback, or via whatever efficient payment method is made available to them through our solutions.”

In addition to its global refund management solution, New Media Services also offers voice support, e-mail ticketing and live chat, as well as a host of other back-office solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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