Dave Pounder Running for Florida School Board

Bob Johnson

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Former porn star and filmmaker Dave Pounder, (real name David Mech), is shaking up Palm Beach County, Florida once again with his bid to gain a seat on the District 3 school board in the August primary.

Pounder is running under a platform to modernize sex education, and wants to tackle issues affecting the school board including technology, innovation, equality, and secular values.

Part of Pounder's proposal is to provide condoms to students to help stem the high rate of local teen pregnancies.

The 38 year-old Boca Raton resident is also the owner of the Happy/Fun Math Tutor company that’s banner ads displayed at local schools were yanked last year after local parents learned about his adult career. A lawsuit challenging the decision is still pending.

“I am running for the Palm Beach County School Board (District 3) to bring about fundamental change in areas where the current board is deficient. Once again, these areas include technology, innovation, equality, sex education, and secular values,” Mech said on his campaign website.

“If you don’t agree condoms should be available to high school students to reduce teen pregnancy and STD’s, then don’t vote for me,” Pounder said.

The former performer — who has also directed more than 100 adult films — insists that his porn career has nothing to do with him being a math tutor, nor his wish to join the school board.

“If you’re going to use the role model argument, you’d also have to fire teachers who are overweight, teachers who don’t eat proper nutrition,” Pounder said. “We know tobacco use is associated with many different diseases; are we going to fire all teachers who smoke?”

Pounder is challenging incumbent board member Karen Brill, along with another candidate, John Michael Hartman.

Last October, Pounder released his full-length adult industry documentary, “Risky Business” that addressed hot button issues including mandatory condom use and mainstream employment discrimination against industry employees.