Bathmate Gets 'Consumerized,' Heads to NYC Fetish Fair

Lila Gray

NEW YORK — Bathmate reported today that it has the “end-consumer in its sights,” with its frequent live demos and product showcases.

“Showing the consumer this new technology is part of the formula to expand business,” said Vadim Day, one of the owners of Brand One, Bathmate’s partner in the U.S. 

The demos often show how Bathmate’s signature patented pressurized penis pump works, including the Hercules, X30, X40, Goliath and the more recent Extreme series. The company has also showcased its in-store POS system, which includes an in-store DVR and touch sample. 

In November 2013, Bathmate participated in its first consumer-focused event at  Exxxotica in Edison, New Jersey. Since then, it has maintained a consistent industry presence, and this past Memorial Day weekend, brand ambassadors attended another large consumer fair, the International Leather and Fetish Market, a four-day event that was held in Chicago.

Bathmate has more events planned in the coming months, including a live demo at the Folsom Street East Fetish Fair in NYC on June 22. 

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