Microsoft Debuts Internet Explorer Developer Channel

Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — Adult website developers will now get a head start on deploying the latest web browser technology, with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Developer Channel.

According to Jason Weber, Internet Explorer Partner Group Program Manager, the Internet Explorer Developer Channel is a fully functioning browser designed to give developers and early adopters a sneak peek at the future platform features that the company is working on.

The IE Developer Channel runs alongside and independently of IE11, with all of the browser’s features, providing an enhanced debugging experience with event breakpoints to help uncover bugs quickly.

Rich analysis capabilities, an improved navigation experience and other features work together to reveal how many errors a page has, but it is the preview of new techniques and technologies that may hold the most appeal for forward-looking adult webmasters.

For example, IE Developer Channel supports the emerging WebDriver standard, allowing developers to automate site testing and to create other more innovative applications, as well as the Gamepad API that enables the use of an Xbox controller to navigate a website in lieu of a mouse.

“[WebDriver] is a programmable remote control for developing complex user scenarios and running them in an automated fashion in your website and browser,” Weber explains. “[The] Gamepad API lets developers use JavaScript to add gamepad support to their web apps and games.”

These technologies may play a role in reviving haptics or introducing robust game play for adult sites.

IE Developer Channel also improves the performance of WebGL, increasing the quality of graphics and providing more photorealistic images, which will help to boost the perceived reality of virtual worlds, among other uses.

As new features and standards emerge, Microsoft will continue to share early code examples through the IE Developer Channel. The tool is now available for download by Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1 users running Internet Explorer 11.

“This release of the IE Developer Channel uses a combination of code changes and virtualization to run alongside IE11,” Weber cautions. “This virtualization creates a small performance hit, so we don’t recommend you use this version to measure your site’s performance. We also don’t recommend you install this version in your enterprise environment.”

Twitter users can provide feedback @IEDevChat and can join the Microsoft development team at its next #AskIE session, Thurs., June 19, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST.