YouPorn Founding Members Launch

Bob Johnson

PRAGUE —The former founders of are set to launch, a new free platform designed to allow content producers to submit clips to tube sites of their choice.

Behind the launch are Richie and Randi, aka Mr & Mrs YouPorn, and JT (also founder of, the trio that started in 2006.

After YouPorn’s sale to MindGeek in 2011, the creators said Richie and Randi remained and continued to manage the Content Partner Program (CPP) until recently.

When JT discovered the pair were leaving YouPorn he brought them on board for the new project, excited to have the team back together.

"We built a fully automated platform to handle the hundreds of tube clips we submit from our own network of sites to an ever growing list of tube sites every month," explained JT.

He further told XBIZ, “As a company owner, I see the strain that my staff is under, particularly my editing department. To this point, my answer was just to hire more staff. Then I sat down with my production managers to understand what tools we could create to allow the editors more time to edit, rather than being burdened with tasks that could be automated.

“So, was created by Really Useful Limited out of a necessity. ReallyUsefulCash is now more than 20 standalone pay sites and growing rapidly in large part due to our expertise with tube exposure. is our way of bringing the fully automated platform we built to handle the hundreds of tube clips we submit to the ever-growing list of tube sites every month out into the daylight where many producers can benefit from it. Now that Richie and Randi are ready to grow it, I'm confident will soon become as popular with producers as YouPorn became with consumers.”

The new free offering is opened to any and every content producer that submits clips to tubes, free of charge. The system adds each producers' own watermarks and uploads the clips to their content partner’s accounts with the tube sites.

“Free means free. There is no catch, we earn nothing from this, which explains part of the reason why so many content owners and tube owners I have spoken with are looking forward to the imminent launch of We all expect the result will be a huge improvement of efficiency and profitability for all involved," JT said.

Seven year YouPorn veterans Richie and Randi will be managing the content owner accounts within

Richie told XBIZ, “"We are very excited to be working with JT again, and being part of this innovative project. We can't wait to get started. Watch out world… here we come again."

Content creators, tubes owners and strategic partners can contact for more information.