Divorce Parties Become New Trend

NEW YORK — Divorce parties are becoming extremely popular with new divorcees to “have closure” on that chapter of their life, and to celebrate a new beginning.

According to Centerfold Strips, a divorce party is a way to mark the end of the pain and suffering that comes with divorce.

“A divorce party provides the ritual we humans need to cope with any difficult life transition,” a rep for Centerfold Strips states. “A divorce party is an opportunity to vent, to cry, laugh, yell, whatever you need to do, in the company of loving friends and family [because] after years of dealing with lawyers and appearances in family court, everyone can use to blow off some steam.”

Friends can throw a party to show support for their divorcing pal and that they are loved and not alone.

“The divorce party can be a great way the newly divorced person can thank all the people who stood by them through the ordeal of separation,” the rep explains, adding, “The divorce party is an opportunity to announce your new status in life. You are now single and available for new experiences and even new relationships — a whole new phase of life is just beginning and that is something to celebrate!”

Party planners are increasingly adding divorce parties to their repertoires because of the increased demand from men and women alike.

“If a bachelor party is the last chance to be naughty for a while, then the divorce party is the first chance to be naughty again,” the rep notes. “The typical divorce party usually includes going out to a restaurant for dinner and drinks, exotic dancers for entertainment and partying at a local nightclub or strip club — [with the] upside down cake a traditional staple at a divorce party.”

Centerfold Strips adult entertainment agency provides one stop shopping for divorce parties and can arrange restaurant reservations, including a private party room with open bar, exotic dancers, hand rolled cigars, an upside down divorce cake and even a limousine bus to provide safe transportation.

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