Salaff Trial Date Postponed

Steve Javors
JOYITO, Panama — Outspoken American adult film producer Fred Salaff’s legal woes continue. His preliminary trial scheduled for Oct. 24 has been pushed back indefinitely. While on trial, Salaff is barred from seeking employment and remains on countrywide house arrest.

While directing for Devils Film under the name Clayton Blacquemoor, Salaff said police raided his shoot and apprehended him on a variety of charges. Salaff languished in jail for more than seven months before being released on parole.

Officials charged Salaff, his corporate entity, Rio Bueno Ltd. SA, and associate Stefano Simone, aka Tristan Seagal, with pressuring prostitutes to perform in the production, neglecting to file the proper paperwork to film an adult movie and failing to take adequate measures to prevent minors from being exposed to sexual activity after children climbed a 10-foot wall to peek in Salaff’s property during filming.

Since his arrest, Salaff has denied all charges, and has claimed a corrupt prosecutor targeted him.

Under the headline “Trial Still Not Scheduled” on his website, Salaff said he expects a trial date to be announced by the end of November.

“Panama is in incredibly bureaucratic and corrupt country,” Salaff said. “Our trial date is still in limbo. The judge asked my lawyer to arrange the date with the prosecutor and the secretary of the judge. This is not as simple as it sounds because when a date is selected, certain [legal] processes have to be followed.”

With his trial delayed and legal bills mounting, Salaff’s friends have set up a PayPal donation button on his site for those with wish to contribute to his legal defense fund.