Male Sex Toy Purchases Skyrocket Before Major Sporting Events

Lila Gray

SAN JOSE, Calif. — With the 2014 FIFA World Cup underway in Brazil, soccer fans are already whipped up in a collective sports-induced frenzy, that, unbeknownst to them, also effects their sexual practices.

While sex toy purchases generally equal out across the gender divide (about 50/50 between men and women), major sporting events like the World Cup precipitate an increased shift in the male direction. According to data mined by Swedish luxury sex toy brand LELO, purchases of female sex toys leading up to such events skyrockets. The proportion of male buyers balloons all the way to 72 percent, LELO says.

“Based on our data, we believe that men and women in relationships have a kind of agreement: the guy spends time with his friends to watch the big game, and in advance he sweetens the deal by buying his partner a vibe which she has chosen, or they’ve chosen together,” LELO wrote on its blog in a recent post titled, “Is Your Man Being Extra Nice To You Right Now? Here’s Why…

While it’s impossible to determine the exact cause of the spike, LELO insists that it isn’t coincidental. A more nuanced breakdown of the data shows that the effect reflects regional events. For example, before the Super Bowl the spike is specific to American men. During this year’s Champion’s league final, which included two Spanish teams, it was Spanish men in particular that were galvanized to buy.

LELO notes that it knows the consumers are intended for women because the three products that get the most “play” before game time are the GIGI 2, SORAYA and HULA Beads — three vibes designed especially for ladies.  

Ladies, as Andres Cantor would say, "GOOOOOOAAAL!!"