Reports Soaring Sales of Ethnic Products

ST. ALBANS, U.K. — Online retailer says it has expanded its stock of ethnic-specific products to cater to a sudden increase.

According to the company, a few years ago it only offered a handful of products of different skin colors.

“I’ve been keeping a close eye on the sales of product featuring black skin, and they’ve really started to snowball, so much so that one of our lubricant manufacturers has just released a lubricant specifically for Afro-Caribbean skin which we now also stock,” Head Buyer Danielle Warn said. “Our customer service department have been getting steady feedback that more products needed to be added to our inventory which featured black skin and/or models on the packaging. So I gradually added items and monitored the sales to see if this was just a passing interest but sales have been steadily growing!”

Following the trend, now also stock the world’s first lubricant developed specifically for black skin, Give Lube Noir which moisturises in a different way to white skin, which has different properties.

“When I started at the company a couple of years ago, I surveyed customers to see how many different ethnic customers shopped with us and what kind of product they liked,” said Emma Podmore, PR and marketing manager. “Since running the same survey again this year, I noticed a huge increase in interest for products which feature differing ethnicities, black skinned being the most popular. I think the more column inches sex toys and associated products get, the more people of all colours and creeds want to explore solo and couples sex toys. I can understand how psychologically having a product with a skin colour you connect more with would allow you to experience pleasure on a more deeper level, so catering to everyone’s needs is a must for us!”