pjur Group's 'Premium Glide' Lauded in Australia's Maxim Magazine

Bob Johnson

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — The pjur Group’s pjur med Premium Glide has received kudos in Australia’s Maxim magazine.

The product was lauded as a "brilliant bedroom product" in connection with "Australia's Men's Health Week" being held June 9-15.

Pjur said various different events sponsored by health organizations and healthcare centers as well as the retail trade and the service sector are taking place everywhere on the continent during Men's Health Week in order to attract more attention to men's health issues.

“Men’s Health Week has been very beneficial to highlight techniques and products that help men in their adult lives. We have seen a desire and drive to performance and quality products such as pjur, and the reason why pjur med Premium glide was selected by Maxim,” said Rob Godwin, CEO of The Love Group Australia who helped to include pjur in the magazine.