Premier Now Exclusive Distributor for Hush Hush's 'Zilla' DVDs

LOS ANGELES — Premier has announced that it is now the exclusive distributor to the “Blackzilla” and “Whitezilla” lines of DVDs from Hush Hush Entertainment.

"As the DVD market continues to shift and consolidate, we felt it best to go with a company that can still move large quantities of DVDs,” says Hush Owner Andrew S. “Since Premier has always been one of our top customers, and in the last year, our very top customer, we felt it was best to hand them the reigns.”

“Drew Kennedy and his people really know how to get more product on store shelves in this ever changing DVD industry, and this leaves us more time to work on our online properties which are still going strong,” Andrew added. “When I decided to minimize our operating footprint to save overhead and streamline operations, I knew the best way to go forward in this new era of physical product sales, was to have a large distribution house take over moving our popular titles.”

For its part, Premier could not be happier with the new deal. 

“We’ve begun to take on more and more exclusive distribution of studio lines and we fought hard to win the rights to the ‘Zilla’ lines,” says Premier owner Drew Kennedy. “These titles have always sold well for us and have long legs on reorders. The chance to be the exclusive distributor is a big win for Premier as this is some of the best product out there.”

Moving forward, Hush will be putting out a new “Zilla” release every six weeks, with the August release of “My Daughter’s Fucking Blackzilla #27,” starring new contract star “DevaState,” next in line.

For more information, contact Drew by e-mail at, or the Premier sales staff by phone at (888) 550-8621.