Safe Offers Safe Pleasure Giftset

NIJMEGEN — Safe encourages couples to experience a sultry summer, by announcing the release of its Safe Pleasure Giftset, which includes Safe Lubricant Silicones, Safe Perfect Vibe and Safe Vibraring.

Safe Lubricant Silicones is a silicon-based lubricant that is efficient because it has long lubricating power. Suitable for intimate body massage and sexual intercourse, it is compatible with natural rubber latex condoms.

The Safe Perfect Vibe was inspired by the female body, and because of its perfect size, you can reach and stimulate each spot with delicious vibrations.

The Safe Vibraring is a toy for both women and men, as it gives both partners a feeling of enjoyment, thanks to the five different vibration settings that allow both partners to enjoy it together even more — up to its battery limit of 30-60 minutes.

The Safe Pleasure Giftset is now available at various online stores, including, and at distributor Eropartner, with a suggested retail price of 29.99€.