Q&A: K.Marie Intimates Owner Talks Brand Makeover

Ariana Rodriguez

ATLANTA – Keisha Marie has taken her former brand My BFF Erotic and re-launched as a multi-collection designer of handmade pleasure products.

“I originally started my business as My BFF Erotic Toys in 2012, but I found that not everyone likes glass adult products so I started creating other items beyond the toys,” Keisha Marie told XBIZ. “It led me to revamp my business into a full brand that is now K.Marie Intimates.”

According to Keisha Marie, her company now offers glass as well as other products including lingerie and accessories.

“A variety of accessories such as candles, bondage gear, bedding and rose petals will be available for purchase in August and lingerie that will be available in November,” she said. “My goal as the owner and creator of K.marie Intimates is to become a household brand and have store locations that provide everything needed for a romantic sexy evening.”

Keisha Marie recently sat down with XBIZ to discuss the evolution of her brand.

Who designs and produces the handmade products? Where are the products made?

I design all the products myself. I have a local manufacturer here in Atlanta that manufactures the products for me. When he is ready to hand-blow the pieces, I go to the studio, bring in my designs and stay hours with him and guide him through the process to make sure my vision comes out as I have it in my mind. I’m very hands-on.

What’s behind the company’s tagline “no man… no worries… no hassles”?

The tag line [laughs] is pretty self-explanatory. When I created my company I always was in a long-distance relationship or a dated someone that played professional football who always was out of town or at football camp. I had a lot of time alone, which sucks. So if you have no man, it’s no worries nor any hassles. If you do have a man and he gets on your nerves, you can use my product and have a great evening without the aggravation of your partner and you’ll have “no man, no worries, no hassles.

How are your products packaged?

The items come in velvet bags with a padded cushion inside. I’m currently designing sexy boxes with velvet and padding inside for the adult toys, The pasties come in a clear plastic sealed envelope and I’m still working on the packaging for the remainder of the collection. It will be something sexy.

What inspired the design of the gay pride dildo?

I was inspired to design a gay pride piece because I’m all for loving who ever you want to love. I wanted to create a meaningful piece and I feel I accomplished that with the gay pride item. Also the K.Marie rainbow pasties go well with the product. I’m also a bisexual female that was raised on a strict upbringing, but I love men and I love beautiful women. This I wouldn't nor could I change. Actually beyond my closest friends, you are the first person that is getting this, not even my family knows. I love myself and I love being open with my sexuality. The world is so judgmental so it was important for me to create a piece that stands for freedom to love who ever makes you happy.

Tell me about the Candy and Pastry lines.

The Candy and Pastry lines were inspired because candy and pastries are tasty, sexy, colorful and marketable. I love sweets but most of all I want to be different, I don’t want my products to be intimidating. If your child finds it or your family stumbles across it, its colorful and you can say it’s a bracelet holder or a piece of art.

Offering wholesale prices, Keisha Marie says she hopes to meet with retailers and distributors at the upcoming ANME.

Retailers and distributors can reach Keisha Marie via email at k.marieintimates@kmarieintimates.com or k.marieintimates@yahoo.com or via telephone at (678) 490-5019. For more information visit K.MarieIntimates.com.