New Frontier Posts Strong Second Quarter Results

Michael Hayes
BOULDER, Colo. — Adult entertainment producer and distributor New Frontier Media posted strong second quarter results, with the company attributing much of its 38 percent rise in profit to higher sales for its pay TV products.

During the company’s second quarter, which ended Sept. 30, New Frontier earned $3.7 million, increasing from $2.6 million earned during the same time last year.

New Frontier saw a 43 percent increase in quarterly revenue over the same period last year, going from $11.3 million in 2005 to $16.2 million this year.

The bulk of New Frontier’s good fortune came from its pay TV sector, a company spokesman said, with that profit center generating $12.2 million in revenue, a 14 percent jump over last year’s $10.7 million figure.

Pay-per-view TV accounted for the largest portion of gains in the pay TV group, with that segment reporting a 25 percent spike in revenue from $6 million a year ago to $7.5 million this year.

New Frontier operates its brand of adult entertainment under the TEN trademark, producing and distributing content via Internet, cable and satellite platforms.