Casey Calvert Makes Case Against Condom Bill in HuffPost

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Casey Calvert made a case for performers against AB 1576, the bill that would make condoms mandatory in porn productions in California, in a new column.

In the piece titled "Why I Don't Want Condoms: A Porn Performer's Perspective," Calvert says that she trusts the industry's testing system, but she does not trust condoms on set.

"Right now I very rarely use a condom at work," Calvert writes. "If the company requires it (which some do), or if my scene partner would prefer it, I don't argue. But let me make it very clear that I prefer shooting without them."

Calvert discusses how condoms are prone to fail during a rigorous sex scene, how they are uncomfortable to use and how the majority of porn fans don't want to see them.

"As a whole, the adult performer population feels the same way I do," she says. "We are not anti-condom. We are against having the choice taken away from us. Over 600 performers have signed a petition voicing opposition to the bill. That might not sound like a lot of signatures, but in an industry as small and insular as ours, that's a huge consensus."

To read Calvert's column, click here.