XR Brands' Savvy Now Available at Honey’s Place

SAN FERNANDO, Calif. — Honey’s Place has announced that sexual health and pleasure line Savvy, by Dr. Yvonne K. Fullbright and XR Brands, is now available from the powerhouse wholesaler carrying more than 18,000 items, including romance products, lingerie, party supplies, and e-juice, plus vaporizers, in its product line.

Honey’s Place offers an industry leading online ordering system where customers can browse and shop through over 150 manufacturer lines backed by vast product knowledge and expectation-exceeding customer service.

A full line designed with the well-being of the consumer in mind, Savvy focuses on prostate health, relationship kits, kegel exercising, clitoral stimulation, deep tissue massage, and erection enhancement. Dr. Yvonne K. Fullbright has a Master’s in Human Sexuality Education and a Ph.D in International Community Health Studies. She currently is a sexuality educator, blogger and columnist.

“Savvy massagers, kits and intimate accessories not only enable lovers to maximize their pleasure, but take care of their sexual wellness needs, as well,” Dr. Fulbright explains, adding that the Savvy product line offers attractive, discreet packaging while simultaneously highlighting the potential health benefits of the item.

Honey’s Place CEO Bonnie Feingold says that she is “excited to see the modernization of adult products and people embracing products that enhance intimacy in relationships.” Honey’s Place now carries the Savvy Excite, Sweet Spot, Blushing Bunny, Enrich Erection, Adore mini massager, Flirt personal massager, Desire personal massager, Amore couple intimacy, Charmed and Le Vibe.

According to the company, the couples’ intimacy kits allow couples to communicate and learn what works best, while personal massagers are natural stress reducers and sedation for a good night’s sleep. The vibrators enhance sexual activity, happiness, longevity, immunity, and pain management and come with a one-year warranty.

Dr. Fullbright adds that she and XR Brands feel strongly that every person deserves sexual, sensual satisfaction, and are delighted that Honey’s Place shares and supports this vision, concluding that she looks forward to working together to help bring Savvy to Honey’s Place customers nationwide, while promoting her sex-positive, health-conscious message to a new generation of sex toy consumers.