Electric EEL Reports Successful XBIZ Retreat

NEW YORK — Last month, Electric EEL participated at the top B2B event of the summer, XBIZ Retreat in Miami, where the vendor had a daily packed schedule of meetings with buyers.

The evenings consisted of networking dinners and cocktail receptions. In keeping with the tropical theme of the event, XBIZ hosted a poolside bikini and mankini contest that concluded with a rock show and barbeque. During the mankini contest, Hustler’s Fundies line of novelty underwear got in on the action as the outfit of choice for contest winner Joey Gabra of Affil4You.

“XBIZ Retreat provided an excellent opportunity for building and strengthening business relationships one-on-one in a beautiful environment,” said Zach Goode, national sales director of Electric EEL. “It was great to also share some fun times with colleagues, and the mankini contest provided a good opportunity to show off all the fun that can be had with Hustler products.”

While at the XBIZ Retreat, Electric EEL secured new deals for the U.S. and abroad to expand Electric’s brands’ presence in retailers everywhere.

Electric said that its goal is to continue to capture more and more of the marketshare in the fetish/bondage, glass, masturbator and other product categories. 

“We will do what it takes to support our customers and make sure that only fast-selling, high-quality, good value items hit their shelves,” Rofe said. “We are not looking to throw a bunch of crap against the wall and see what sticks. We understand that retailers don’t want to fill their stores with slow moving items and poor selling SKUs that tie up their open-to-buy dollars.”

Electric says it plans to re-allocate its budget to support a targeted advertising campaign beginning in 2015. 

Rofe said, “An interesting, incentivized marketing campaign is on the way and retailers and distributors will feel the impact in the form of higher profits, lower selling prices to their customers and improved customer service and customer satisfaction.”