Pride Condoms Promote LGBT Equality and Awareness

NEW YORK — Say It With A Condom, an alternative marketing company that advances its clients’ strategic messages through custom condom packaging, has launched a colorful line of Pride Condoms.

According to Director of Business Development, Damian Charles, the LGBT community has been constantly engaged in a fight for equality. Whether it is marriage or acceptance, they remain united in their efforts, and Say It With A Condom has joined this effort with a new way to create social awareness.

The purpose of these Pride Condoms is to shed light on prominent social issues in the LGBT community with condoms bearing phrases such as “Homosexuality is found in over 500 species — Homophobia is found in one,” and “30 percent of suicides are LGBT related. I refuse to be a statistic.”

Not to lose sight of the festive side of Pride, the company has also created a set of playful condom designs including ones such as “I’m Gay and that’s OK,” and “Bisexuals do it better — with everyone.”

“Our goal has always been to start a conversation. With the current stigma surrounding sex and condoms, people constantly ask us ‘why use a condom?’” Charles states. “A flyer can be thrown away, but when a person is given something such as a condom, they are more inclined to keep it and show this unique marketing tool to others.”

Founder and CEO, Benjamin Sherman, is committed to Say It With A Condom, donating 25 percent of all profits from the sale of Pride Condoms to a variety of nonprofit organizations that help promote LGBT equality and awareness.

“We at Say It With a Condom believe strongly in giving a voice to groups that have been suppressed,” Sherman states. “By placing these messages on our custom condom wrappers, we are promoting social responsibility in a unique and creative way.”