Alphamales Debuts 'Collared and Cuffed'

LONDON —  Eurocreme studio Alphamales has unveiled "Collared and Cuffed."

The movie stars suited muscle men Adam Dacre, Aaron Steel, Michel Rudin, Alfie Stone, Theo S and Pedro Lucas.

Director Ashley Ryder said he didin't stop at just the suit fetish, but took things one step further and ties the willing and very able muscle men down, "leaving their peachy, hungry butts fully exposed and ready for the taking by their colleagues, workmates or anyone else who happens upon them."

The film is distributed via Pulse Distribution in the U.S. and Canada, by Bruno Gmunder in the EU and U.K., as well as directly via EurocremeGroup.

The company noted that it also offers USB delivery of HD content via its store.