Tickle Kitty Publishes Book to Help Men Pleasure the Clitoris

John Sanford

SAN FRANCISCO — Tickle Kitty on Monday announced it has published a unique guide to help gentlemen solve the age-old mystery of how to find – and pleasure – the epicenter of female orgasms, the clitoris.

"The Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris — Orgasmic Fingertip Touching Every Woman Craves" can be found at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, ticklekitty.com and pleasure boutiques nationwide. It’s also available in DRM e-Book format at the major e-retailers and the company website.

“It’s a really fun and accessible how-to illustrated guide cloaked as a detective mystery,” said Pleasure Coach and bestselling author Dr. Sadie Allison. “I give guys all the techniques they need to touch and arouse the clitoris with the special love and passion their partners desire. And since surveys reveal 70 percent of women claim their guys don’t know how they like to be touched, this book will surely come in handy.”

Written in relatable guy-speak, the guide is clear, engaging and thoroughly entertaining. “It’s a book that any guy can comfortably pick up on his own, or one that his lover could easily slip under his pillow,” Allison said. “Look at it as a relationship win-win, because fine-tuning touch to your partner’s innermost desires improves intimacy, communication, love – and inspires the most wonderful orgasms ever!”

Allison said "The Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris" offers many insights to help guys understand their lovers’ needs:

•    A guided tour of the vulva gives guys a clear understanding of the female anatomy and the epicenter of female orgasms – the clitoris
•    The importance of lubrication is highlighted, along with erotic mood setting, safer sex, and the four stages of female orgasm
•    Special touching techniques are described, including ways to arouse simply by adjusting one’s touch by a mere fraction of an inch
•    23 illustrations demonstrate the many exciting fingertip touching styles and orgasmic “wrist-friendly” lovemaking positions

“The most arousing moves to a woman can be counter-intuitive to a guy, who often mistakenly takes his cues from fast-paced Internet porn,” Allison said. “I introduce guys to the real world of slow, gently, loving touch, which will turn any guy into a world-class lover over night.”