Eurocreme Feature Films Now on USB Sticks

LONDON — The Eurocreme Group announced that its new feature movies are now available on USB sticks.

Pre-loaded with HD quality releases — typically before the DVD is ready for shipping — the USBs provide customers with a reusable 8GB flash drive for little more than their HD download-only offering.

“Customers have proven to be very aware of new content due for release, and are of course very eager to get their hands on it, and we want to offer this facility to them," managing director Steven Chinnery said.

He added, "Sometimes downloading HD content can be troublesome for our customers, and sometimes they want a physical representation of their purchase. DVDs are a time-consuming process, exacerbated by the BBFC [the U.K. film censors Eurocreme adheres to] and delivery times, ultimately giving an SD film instead of HD. USB drives eliminate this and gives a more speedy and modern take on delivering HD adult material.”

Available initially for new feature releases only, and as an empty, ready-to-use drive for previous or future downloads, Eurocreme said the future is bright for this delivery method. The company has ideas for scene downloads, bespoke content and bonus exclusive content for USB customers.

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