Liberator Launches 'Take Heart Project' for Charity

Bob Johnson

ATLANTA — Liberator has launched the Take Heart Project, a special campaign to benefit three selected nonprofit organizations.

The company said the project aims to share Liberator’s passion for love by giving back to the community through organizations dedicated to improving the world.

For a limited time, all profits from the sales of Liberator’s special edition Heart Wedges in exclusive colors will benefit one of three charitable organizations. Customers are able to choose which organization to support based on their chosen product color. Proceeds from the teal Heart Wedge will benefit the Sierra Club Foundation, the lime Heart Wedge benefits the Human Rights Campaign, and the Wounded Warrior Project benefits from a dark purple Heart Wedge.

The organizations were each selected carefully to tie into an element of Liberator’s mission. The Sierra Club’s environmental endeavors were an inspiration for the company’s vacuum-compression packaging, which reduces environmental impact by significantly decreasing the shipping space and packaging materials needed for delivery.

With all products made in the U.S., Liberator said it is also supportive of U.S. troops, offering a year-round 10 percent discount on all products for military personnel, and is eager to further the initiative by supporting the Wounded Warrior Project.

In addition, Liberator is supporting the efforts of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest organization dedicated to the rights of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities. The company said its dedication to equality and sexual well being will be further developed throughout the year as the company works to offer more same-sex products and resources.

“The Take Heart Project is an exciting new opportunity for us,” said Louis Friedman, Liberator founder and CEO. “We are very focused on providing tools and resources to improve people’s lives, and we’re passionate about supporting organizations that do the same.”

He added, “Our mission at Liberator is to share love, and these are all organizations that do the same. The impact they have on the community is inspiring to everything we do in our work.”

For more information about the campaign, click here.