Net 1 on 1 to Distribute Sliquid in the U.K.

Ariana Rodriguez

ST. ALBANS, U.K. — Net 1 on 1 says it is expanding its consumable category with the addition of U.S. lubricant manufacturer Sliquid, which will be supplied to the U.K. and E.U. markets.

The St. Albans-based distributor will be supporting its new supplier by taking on a cross section of the Sliquid lines including Sliquid Naturals, Organics, Balance Collection and Ride Bodyworks, to cater to a broad range of consumers, the company said.

Tony Gonzalez, Managing Director saw the benefit of working closely with the brand saying,

“Currently, we’re the only company to distribute Sliquid within the E.U. which not only makes good business sense for us, but also gives people in Europe a common point to get hold of the Sliquid range of products, this will really open up the market for Sliquid,” Managing Director Tony Gonzalez said. “So far, the brand is ‘the’ health conscious choice for consumers in the U.S., so we’re keen to replicate that strategy here in the UK and Europe.”

According to the company, with market trends focusing more heavily on the health sector, Gonzalez’s initiative to invest more into products for the “health conscious consumer” saw Sliquid as a positive step in the direction Net 1on1 is taking.

“When searching for the right partners for the Sliquid Intimate Products Collection, integrity was our first priority; followed by a genuine excitement of the brand,” Sliquid CEO and founder Dean Elliot said. “Net 1on1 was clearly the perfect choice. I've been friendly with Tony at Net 1 on 1 for nearly eight years, and although we hadn't been working with each other, we always shared common interests, and a passion to deliver high quality products. I'm delighted, that we finally have this amazing opportunity to partner up, and show the U.K. and E.U. the wonderful natural and organic formulas that have been setting us apart in other parts of the world!"

The Sliquid range will be showcased in the Net 1on1 Wholesale stand (B30) at the ETO show in Birmingham and available to purchase at the end of June.