Private Media Group Releases 'Lolitas in Barcelona'

BARCELONA — Private Media Group today announced the latest 2014 release of “Lolitas in Barcelona.” 

In five exclusive scenes, Private shows why tourists are drawn to the sultry Spanish city — aside from the appeal of its fine weather, stunning architecture, the beach, paella, tapas, sangria and football, it is the stomping ground of many fine ladies.

“Lolitas in Barcelona” opens with Lola Taylor, a tourist, whose invitation from two Spanish studs to join her back in her room accidentally turns into a 40-minute screw fest. Nikky Baby’s curiosity about David Moreno, who calls out to her from his luxury apartment window, ends up with Moreno servicing her ass so well she comes back after school for a five-on-one gangbang. 

In Private’s villa outside Barcelona, Carol Vega teases Juan Lucho until he takes her from behind. In the room next door, Amarna Miller wakes up to a Latin stud.

Over the past 12 months, Private has released 60 new titles. Private's 2014 schedule features over five new titles per month and additional direct-to-web content exclusive to

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