ExoClick Reports 4 Billion Daily Ad Impressions

Bob Johnson

BARCELONA — ExoClick today announced that it has hit the 4 billion daily ad impressions mark, breaking another company record.

The company credits its continued success due due to access to the world’s top 1 million websites and its expansion into mobile which now accounts for 27 percent of all ExoClick ad impressions — a significant jump from 19.3 percent back in Aug. 2013 when the company announced it had reached 3 billion daily impressions.

ExoClick sees mobile as a key business driver, last week announcing theaddition of six more countries to its mobile carrier targeting, including the U.K., Russia and South Africa.  The company now offers mobile carrier targeting in a total of 24 countries and is adding new territories each month.

“Reaching 4 billion daily ad impressions is a fantastic milestone for us," said Benjamin Fonzé, CEO and founder. “Our sales team is one of the strongest in the business and is growing fast. With more than 16 different nationalities on board we can provide excellent local market knowledge for our clients.”

Fonzé continued, “We currently continue to improve our platform and interface with a strong emphasis on ‘big data’ which will help us launch further advanced features, and with our 24/7 customer service ensuring clients getting the fastest service possible, we are well on the way to reaching 5 billion impressions as we continue to aggressively grow our market share.”

ExoClick noted that it is the world’s fifth largest ad network allowing advertisers to target adult, gaming and entertainment media via web and mobile. The company has recently seen success by growing its mainstream entertainment sector to help drive its 4 billion daily ad impressions.