Taps Vanessa Veracruz as Official Spokesmodel

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — XXX Vapor, producer of adult vaporizers and apparel, announced adult performer Vanessa Veracruz as its official spokesmodel and brand ambassador.

Veracruz will be seen across multiple advertising channels for the company as well as in special incentives provided to select retailers across the country.

“We selected Vanessa for numerous reasons besides the obvious one of stunningly good looks. Vanessa brings industry experience and professionalism to the position we see as representing the XXX Vapor brand. She not only will be seen in seductive positions across our social media networks and national advertising, but Vanessa will also represent the XXX Brand in our upcoming commercials and at select expos. I believe Vanessa will an integral part of the development of XXX Vapor Brand and look forward to working closely together.” CEO Joshua D Berkowitz said.

The star will also be assisting in the selection and production of marketing materials including commercials, photo shoots and model selection.

Berkowitz added, “With Vanessa’s background and reputation in the business she will bring XXX Vapor marketing to the next level. An important part for us is that Vanessa exudes professionalism among her peers, opening up collaboration and unique opportunities for us to explore. Add that to a great eye for marketing and I am delighted to have Vanessa as the newest member of the XXX Vapor family.”

In addiiton to her new role, XXX Vapor through it’s media company (C11MEDIA), is developing as well as promotions such as marketing the latest release of "Mrs. Veracruz, Glamour Gone Bad." The film is available here.

The compnay noted that it is in the process of opening a Los Angeles office later this year. For more information about the company email, or call (855) 999-8276.