British Survey Reveals Top Lovers' Professions

Bob Johnson

LONDON — A survey conducted by British sex toy retailer Bondara, revealed that a man’s profession could often reveal how good he is in bed.

The study canvassed 1,023 British women aged 18-45 about their partner’s bedroom activities and profession and found men in similar jobs do share the same sexy traits.

According to the women surveyed, arts and entertainment professionals are the “Christian Greys” of the professional world with one in seven enjoying heavy bondage and BDSM, and one in three indulging in kinky after-hours role-play. The survey also revealed they are top performers in the sack with two in five rated as “excellent” or "the best lover I have ever had.” They also and also have the highest libidos — on average they have sex three to four times a week in comparison to an average of one to two times a week across all other professions. However, they are the most likely to let work (26 percent) and their mobile phones (26 percent) distract them from their bedroom activities.

The company said the results support what British viewers witnessed in last year’s "raunchy" Celebrity Big Brother show that saw housemates from the arts and entertainment industry indulging in sexy antics that resulted in Channel 5 execs being forced to edit scenes during a particularly graphic “bondage task.”

The survey also found what sexy traits men in other similar professions share in the sack.

Creative professionals score highly with the ladies with 60 percent of partners saying “he knows what I enjoy and makes sure I am happy,” significantly higher than women overall (40 percent). These creative risks takers are also prone to sexual risk taking in private with 31 percent enjoying sex al fresco and 29 percent happy to have a threesome. However, one in four partners said hey need to be more affectionate before, during and after sex.

Partners of blue collar workers are the most likely to say they have "great foreplay technique" (33 percent) and there is “no need for improvement” (33 percent). Sexual adventurousness is their best attribute (30 percent) with sex toys (35 percent), light bondage (28 percent), and talking dirty (25 percent), being popular choices. This segment is most likely to understand and be fine when their partner is not in the mood (27 percent). However, one in seven is easily distracted by their favorite TV show.

Uniformed workers' natural ability to take charge means they are the most likely to communicate their desires (33 per cent). Their training also comes in handy in the sack with handcuffs and restraints as popular choices (29 percent), however their partners are the most likely to say their mothers distract them from getting intimate (one in seven).

True to their caring natures, public sector workers are attentive and unselfish lovers (37 percent). Two in five (40 percent) use sex toys in lovemaking but they’re the most likely to let any kind of distraction (pets, TV, food, friends, work) get in the way of sex (30 percent).

While tech professionals' best attribute is being romantic and affectionate (39 per cent), 34 percent like dirty talk. But still boys at heart, a section of the group expects sex to take a back seat to video games (one in six.)

Businessmen are attentive and unselfish lovers, the study found (41 percent). They experiment with sex toys (35 percent), talking dirty (32 percent), and role-play (20 percent) —  but don’t expect any intimacy when “man flu” strikes (26 percent).

Bondara M.D. Chris Simms said, “Men who work in similar professions often share similar characteristics, for instance creativity or strategic thinking which influence other areas of their lives — the aim was to see whether this influence extends to the bedroom and whether certain professionals are more open to sexual play. It is great to see men across all professions trying different things in the bedroom and also interesting to discover the ‘Christian Greys’ of the professional world rated the best lovers.”