Sex & Censorship Raises £1,000 as Non-Profit

Lila Gray

LONDON — In the weeks since Sex & Censorship was established as a non-profit organization, it has reported raising more than £1,000 in donations from individual supporters.   

“We've done a hell of a lot on such a small budget, thanks to a small army of volunteers. But if we're going to take on a formidable alliance of anti-sex moralists and pro-censorship politicians, we need more," Sex & Censorship founder Jerry Barnett said in a news release.

Barnett pointed some of out Sex & Censorship’s notable achievements over the last year, including garnering significant press coverage, making frequent TV and radio appearances to counter "moral panics," organizing a protest outside the Stop Porn Culture launch in Londo, assembling a team of likeminded bloggers, and participating in a forthcoming University of Sunderland documentary on censorship. Barnet has also personally spoken at several academic and adult industry events.

“And there's much more to come,” Barnett added. “But time is not on our side: there have been several attempts to introduce Internet censorship into law: full censorship will be far worse than the filters introduced so far: you will not be able to switch it off!”

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